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Meet the Pastor

Dr. Claudius Morgan

International Evangelist, Evangelism Lecturer, Communication Director of the Caribbean Union Conference.

Pastor Claudius Morgan is a pastor/evangelist in the St.Vincent Region of the Caribbean Union of Seventh-day Adventists. He is one of the leading evangelists in the Inter American Division and the World Church.

He is a member of the Evangelism Council of the General Conference. He has authored one book, Preaching the Good News and is presently preparing part 2 of Preaching the Good News. His newest book soon to be released is Innovative Appeals – Moving Masses to the Watery Grave. He has also created a CD of over 180 evangelistic songs for Pastors and Laity.

Pastor Morgan has so far led 20,000+ people to Christ and established 15 churches in the Caribbean and North America. He is one of the few evangelists in the World Church who effectively combines singing and preaching in his ministry.

Presently he also serves as the Assistant to the President of the Caribbean Union with responsibility for Evangelism, Training and Development

Claudius Morgan