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Nature of Christ

  1. Who is Jesus! Is He God, man or somebody else?
  2. Lord, Lunatic or Liar
  3. Cracking the Da Vinci Code! Was Jesus married to Mary Magdalene?
  4. Why is Port of Spain under attack?
  5. The anti Christ and His followers! Who are they?
  6. God still speaks

Choice, Sin and the Plan of Salvation

  1. Happy day!
  2. Nightmare in Paradise!
  3. What really happened in Sodom and Gomorrah?
  4. Who determines whether you live or die
  5. Family feud
  6. Lessons in forgiveness
  7. Wonders of the Cross
  8. Is it true that Jesus was never crucified
  9. The war continues

Nature, signs and manner of His Coming

  1. Christ is coming! What is the ultimate sign?
  2. Tick tock!
  3. The real truth of the Secret rapture
  4. Going beyond the resurrection
  5. The opening of the 6th seal and the second coming of Jesus
  6. Are you ready for Jesus to come
  7. The rapture exposed
  8. How not to be left behind
  9. The glorious climax of the plan of salvation
  10. What happens when Jesus comes again
  11. What happens when a lady feels labour pains?
  12. The fantasy of futurism! The Jesuits and the Secret Rapture!
  13. What happens after Christ comes again

Conversion, Holy Spirit, Sanctuary

  1. Salvation in the sanctuary
  2. Going too far
  3. Have I committed the unpardonable sin?
  4. Born half dead
  5. The truth about the spotted leopard
  6. Twice born! Die Twice
  7. Spiritual Genetics
  8. What is the importance of the heavenly Sanctuary?
  9. It is finished
  10. Turning religion into relationship
  11. Truths in the Sanctuary
  12. Restoring the sanctuary
  13. Is humanity hopeless (Africa)

Baptism and State of the dead

  1. Buried and forgotten by God
  2. Dead man walking
  3. What is the circumcision of Christ
  4. What to do if you see a ghost?
  5. The dark side of spiritualism
  6. The destiny of the believer
  7. How does a dead man feel when his wife is having an affair with another man
  8. Sweetheart I am pregnant

Bible and Daniel 2

  1. Can the Bible be trusted
  2. The accuracy of prophecy
  3. The mystery of God
  4. What makes the Bible trustworthy
  5. Eschatology and the Bible

True Church, Prophesy (Daniel and Revelation)

  1. How to know a cult when you see one
  2. The prophetic Zoo
  3. Is the book of Daniel still shut
  4. Why did Jesus warn us about the Mark of the Beast?
  5. Prophesy and the wearing of Jewels
  6. Riders in the Sky
  7. The four horse men of the apocalypse
  8.  The keys of the kingdom!  Did Christ give them to Peter?
  9. The greatest religious cover up in history

Decision, Courage and excuses

  1. You can run but you can’t hide
  2. Lessons from a Leopard
  3. Life in the narrow lane
  4. Young, rich and foolish
  5. Choosing the fire
  6. One excuse too many
  7. The joke that made God laugh
  8. Traffic jam down Broadway
  9. I still believe in miracles
  10. The joy of freedom
  11. Bethesda
  12. All aboard
  13. Take time to know her
  14. Fatal attraction
  15. Love will find a way
  16. The God of the impossible
  17. Four things that baffle even God
  18. The behaviour of 10 women who never had sex
  19. In the river on the bank.
  20. Living to die and dying to live
  21. If your right hand offends you cut it off!
  22. Radical amputation! I want to cut off my hand!
  23. Veronica
  24. You can live right
  25. I am an angel
  26. If Christ is coming soon – Where is Elijah?
  27. To hell and back!
  28. Where is Elijah

Sermons preached at Revivals

  1. How to deal with hypocrites in the Church
  2. Jo in the Lord
  3. Pressing for the prize
  4. The spirit of the Law
  5. What is affecting the discipleship of Christ
  6. Anchored! Where!
  7. The bold and the beautiful

Marriage, family and Sex

  1. How to hole the ring and keep your husband
  2. How to meet the needs of your spouse
  3. Sex and the last days
  4. Why God created sex
  5. When sex becomes dangerous\
  6. The covenant of marriage

Sabbath, law and grace and 10 Commandments

  1. Why did God tell us to work 6 days
  2. It is written but where?
  3. What love got do with it
  4. Does God care which day we keep
  5. What is the bottom line
  6. Beauty and the beast
  7. The Sabbath issue! Is my salvation at stake?
  8. The law of God
  9. From Eden to Eden
  10. What was nailed to the cross
  11. If we nail it we do not have to keep it
  12. The amazing secret of enjoying life at its very best
  13. How Sunday worship came to (Trinidad, Tobago, Jamaica, St. Vincent etc.)
  14. Who are new covenant Christians
  15. The big mis-match!  Wrong woman! Right man!
  16. Exploring the covenants.

Judgment, plague and lake of fire

  1. Payday
  2. The final trial o OJ Simpson
  3. What in hell do you want
  4. Mother Theresa is dead! Does she have to die again?
  5. The lake of fire! What are your options
  6. What is the wine of God’s wrath
  7. The sad story of human rebellion
  8. Armageddon and the 7 last plagues
  9. OJ on trial again
  10. The judgment! Accused, convicted but not condemned

USC Week of Prayer

  1. Jesus and the book of Revelation
  2. Jesus and the nearness of the parousia
  3. Jesus and the new birth
  4. Jesus and the plan of salvation
  5. Jesus and the way of salvation
  6. Jesus and veronica
  7. Pressing for the prize
  8. Salvation in the sanctuary


  1. What is salvation
  2. The priority of personal evangelism
  3. What is your concept of God
  4. Bitter fruit
  5. What does the day of the Lord mean to me?

Healthful living

  1. Food and sex matters of the heart.
  2. Death in the Kitchen
  3. Lifestyle and the Gospel


The best news around these days is Jesus’ coming. Praise the Lord! May God bless you as together we lead his children to Him. This site offers resources from my over 25 years of ministry and includes sermons, guides for bible workers,membership conservation and more.

Meet Ps. Morgan

Pastor Claudius Morgan is a pastor/evangelist in the St.Vincent Mission of the Caribbean Union of Seventh-day Adventists.