The full sermon text from the first book written by Pastor Claudius Morgan available for free!

These bible based sermons are freely available for use in your ministry. Feel free to download and use these sermons. Sermons are available for download in PowerPoint or Word format.

I have read that preaching is an excuse to talk about Jesus. It is an opportunity to define righteousness, to interpret the signs of the times, to clarify spiritual enigmas, to preach hope and to call sinners to Christ and saints to righteousness.

The sermons in this booklet are meant to be preached. The first priority of a preacher is not to preach a word that people like but a word that people need. Preaching must be done with power under the influence of the Holy Ghost. Power is not loudness; it does not even require many gestures and movements. Power for the one who preaches is being yourself and total dependence on the Spirit of the living God. Preaching is a spiritual enterprise that is bound to fail if the Holy Spirit is not involved. A preacher who tries to hide his or her personality will never be an effective preacher. As you preach these sermons, be yourself. Stand and deliver! As the Brooklyn singers sang, “If you can use anything Lord you can use me.” Let this be your motto.


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