If there is an evangelistic program in your area. You can get involved!

Help take the Advent message to the world in the following ways during any tent crusades or revivals.

Work with persons of different beliefs

  • Lead a Bible study.
  • Help in Bible Lesson distributions
  • Provide outreach ideas to aid in our work
  • Reach out to persons with alternative lifestyles

Provide assistance during evangelistic programs.

  • Be a part of evangelistic management team
  • Be a part of a crusade hospitality team
  • Assist in baptism events

Be a part of our technical team.

  • Assist with sound and audio equipement.
  • Assist with computer website, live streaming, podcasting.
  • Provide assistance with lighting, seating, parking.

Join our Prayer Ministry Team.

  • Make a committment to pray for our tent and church evangelism efforts.
  • Join or form a prayer band
Footer Lead

Our Ministry

Good News Gospel Explosion is an evangelistic ministry dedicated to providing evangelism tools in the mission of reaching people and changing lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.